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At JACKSONE PLLC Law Office, we provide the following legal services.


  • Our Services include Patent application preparation, and filing process from start to finish including patent prosecution. Other services include appeals and more.

Patent law is a type of intellectual property law that deals with how to legally protect new inventions. There are many different types of patent applications to choose from but each has its advantages and disadvantages. A Patent attorney is best suited to assist with these types of applications.

Provisional patent application: This is a type of patent application that can establish your priority filing date with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This type of application is usually followed by a utility patent.

Non-provisional patent application: This is a type of patent application that is examined by the USPTO to ensure it is useful, novel, and non-obvious. This application goes through a rigorous USPTO review. 

Design Patent Application: This is a patent granted by the USPTO that protects the way an invention looks.

Patent Portfolio Management: This is a type of business strategy that can be used to determine the strengths of a business’s intellectual property rights.

To discuss your patent needs, Elizabeth is a Registered Patent Attorney, licensed to practice before the United States Patent Office and can assist you with your Patent needs.


  • Our Services include Trademark Preparation, Registration, prosecution and more.

Why is Federal Registration important for your business?

Trademarks and Servicemarks are a type of intellectual property law. Trademarks identify a product from a specific company. A servicemark identifies the service from a particular company. As a business, entrepreneur, or start-up, protecting your brand through Federal Trademark (or Servicemark) registration at the United States Patent Office (USPTO) is important.

Federal registration of Trademarks or Service marks with the USPTO helps to protect your company brand as well as give notice to the public that the registered company or person owns the mark. The legal presumption is the registered owner of the mark has the exclusive right to use the mark as long as it is used in connection with goods or services.

Trademark and Servicemark owners should continue to use their marks to preserve their registration rights.

Improper licensing or improper assignment of Trademark or Servicemark can result in the loss of the registered owner's rights.

When it comes to intellectual property law, it is best to work with a licensed attorney to assist you with your legal needs.

The first step is to apply for registration. JACKSONE PLLC  Attorney can help you file your Federal Trademark or Servicemark application. Flat fee options are available to clients. Contact us for more information.


  • We can help you with contract review, drafting, and more.

Business law governs how various types of businesses are formed, operated, and dissolved. Businesses, new start-ups, and entrepreneurs should have knowledge about legal requirements that affect their type of business structure.

Business Formation:

As a business owner or entrepreneur, one of the most important decisions is to decide on the type of business entity form that best suits you. Available options include partnerships and limited partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations. Contact us to form a Washington State or Maryland State legal business entity.

The type of business entity that is best for you depends on your needs. The operation, taxes, and liability differ based on the type of business formed.

How do I protect my business ideas?

There are many options available for protecting your business ideas from being stolen or copied by others. Depending on the type of idea, the protection could range from copyright, patent, or contract, such as a non-disclosure.

If you have contract or business law needs, book your appointment today.


  • We can assist you with patent counseling, drafting, filing, prosecution including office actions, appeals and more.

You are a small biz or start-up and you have a Utility Patent, Design patent Trademark or ServiceMark issued by the United States Patent Office (USPTO). It can be challenging to manufacture, market and sell your product independently. The alternative is licensing the invention and receiving money in return. Licensing, as opposed to complete transfer or assignment of intellectual property, provides the owner with advantages such as retaining the title and collecting fees or royalties.

There are different types of licenses available.

Exclusive License: If an owner grants an exclusive license to a company, the right to use the intellectual property transfers from the owner to the company granted the right. Only the company granted the right can use the intellectual property for the time that is agreed upon in the licensing agreement. The owner will lose their legal right to use their intellectual property until the agreement expires.

Non-Exclusive License: When an owner grants a non-exclusive license to a company, the owner can also use their intellectual property based on the licensing agreement. In this type of licensing agreement, multiple companies can be granted non-exclusive rights to use the same intellectual property.

Sole License: Where an owner grants a company a sole license, the owner, and the company both have the right to use the intellectual property. This type of licensing agreement works differently from non-exclusive or exclusive licenses.

Contact us for your licensing needs.


  • Our services include US citizenship applications, green card applications, work visa applications, business immigration and more.

JACKSONE PLLC attorney can assist you with family or business-based visas or US Citizenship applications.

Immigration law is a complex area of law, which affects families, and businesses and it is therefore best to work with an attorney who can assist you. The type of immigration status that can be applied for depends on many different factors depending on your circumstances.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States. We can assist you with your immigration needs for lawful immigration.

Our review of your case included the next steps to improve your chances of a favorable outcome before USCIS. 

In our review, we provide you with some important education on expectations to ensure you know what is happening in your case.

We will keep you informed as information becomes available and provide you with important details, such as required additional documents.

  • We apply the law to protect your rights.
  • Contact us for your immigration needs.


  • We can assist you with your Copyright Registration, enforcement of rights and more.

Copyright registration is important to enforce rights on your work. Registering a copyright within three months of your work’s publication provides advantages by creating a presumption that your copyright is valid. This allows the copyright owner to recover certain damages from the copyright infringer. 

If it has been three months since the publication of your work, you should still register your copyright to enforce your rights.

The owner of a copyright can transfer rights through legal agreements such as a copyright license or an assignment. License agreements allow a copyright owner to retain their rights while giving someone else the right to exercise some of them. A copyright assignment causes the owner of the copyright to lose some control over their work.

Registering a copyright for your work:

We can assist you in registering your work for a copyright with the United States Copyright Office.

An example of a work that can be registered for copyright is books, music, scripts, choreographed works, pictures or sculptures, audiovisual and sound works, and architectural plans.

Contact us for your copyright needs.

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Our firm was founded on the main principle that the secret of happiness in life is helping others achieve their goals. To this end, it is also important for the firm to skillfully help clients with legal matters.

Using talent, skill, and education, we strive to provide quality legal services to the client whether small or large with great interest and attention to detail for a reasonable cost.


Elizabeth is a Results-driven Lawyer with over 10 years of experience serving diverse clients. She is proficient in drafting legal documents and negotiating for the client. She is also a poised and dedicated professional, proven to manage cases in a complex and detail-oriented industry.

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Meet the team

Elizabeth is a Results-driven Lawyer with over 10 years of experience serving diverse clients. She is proficient in drafting legal documents and negotiating for the client. She is also a poised and dedicated professional, proven to manage cases in a complex and detail-oriented industry.

Founder: Dr. Elizabeth Waiguchu Jackson, Patent Attorney

Education ● Rutgers College of Pharmacy- BS. Pharm ● Rutgers Law School  Juris Doctor ● University of Florida  Doctor of Pharmacy ● Rutgers Executive mini  MBA program

Law Admissions:

Washington State Bar (2014)

Maryland State Bar (1998)

Registered Patent Attorney (2000)


“Elizabeth was great to work with, a real team player with much knowledge, integrity and inspiration, which played a key role in the success of our persistent fight to obtain our patent.”


“Attorney Elizabeth Waiguchu Jackson demonstrated a level of professionalism that clearly sets her apart as an intellectual property Attorney. This was my first time applying for a patent and I understood that choosing the right attorney was essential in achieving a United States Patent. After much research and numerous recommendations, I chose to work with her which was the best decision I made during this process. Elizabeth is a very thorough and competent professional who always had my company’s best interest in mind during this process. She is very personable and easily gained my trust by demonstrating a level of professionalism equal to none. Her exceptional research skills and ability to write compelling arguments were extremely valuable and allowed my company to receive a US patent. I highly recommend Elizabeth if you want an attorney that handles every task with confidence and integrity.”


“Excellence at its best 5.0 stars.”

Elizabeth Waiguchu Jackson

Patent Attorney

Founder: Elizabeth Waiguchu Jackson Education ● Rutgers College of Pharmacy- BS. Pharm ● Rutgers Law School – Juris Doctor ● University of Florida – Doctor of Pharmacy ● Rutgers Executive mini – MBA program Law Admissions: Washington State Bar (2014) Maryland State Bar (1998) Registered Patent Attorney (2000)

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